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UCL’s BNOC of the year 2018: Group One

The competition of the year is upon us


Last week we opened nominations for this year's BNOC competition and boy were some of the nominations good. With society representation from Rugby, to Comedy Club, to eSports and Gaming, the competition is fierce. So without further ado, let's introduce the first batch of this year's candidates.

Remember, if you have a friend who could compete with our BNOC candidates, nominations are still open.

Grace Clancy, Human Sciences, Third Year

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She's so tall she has her own gravitational pull

Final year Human Sciences student Grace Clancy knows everyone and anyone – but that's only to be expected, since she's been involved in Netball, Gaming, Volleyball, Live Music and even Musical Theatre society since starting at UCL. Her friends describe her as a ray of sunshine (check UCLove14562), but she describes herself as a 'lightweight grandma.' Walking around campus with her is a nightmare because she's always bumping into people, but whether that's because her 6ft1 stature makes her hard to miss, or because she's a true BNOC… You decide.

Susie Budd, History, First Year

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Susie goes to Loop dressed in a purple fleece and Birkenstocks

Freshers tend to be wild, but Susie is a cut above the rest. Described by her friends at uni as "sunshine," and "really nice," she hasn't let her BNOC status get to her head. Susie's first year has been filled with antics most students could only dream of; from wild Loop escapades, to the slightly tamer process of becoming BFFs with the Schafer security guard, she's done it all. In Term 1 she gained quite the reputation when, having signed up to the halls photoshoot, Susie had to kick a random boy out of her bed and welcome the photographers into her room, wearing the same clothes she had worn at Loop on the night before.

Kyle Lewis Jordan, Ancient History and Egyptology, Third Year

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The hero we need but do not deserve

Yes, it's the infamous KLJ from UCLove. Renowned for his tireless support to anonymous UCL students in need, it's a wonder he manages to do anything else – but he's a busy guy. Kyle was Disabled Students Officer in his first year and has been taking photographs for Humans of UCL since 2016, as well as being on the committees for Debating and Model UN. He may be a third year, but don't worry – he's here doing a masters next year so you'll still get your fill of KLJ.

Aliza Ayaz, Population Health, First Year

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Just horsing around

Aliza has only been at UCL for a year and has already achieved a terrifying number of things. Her name is EVERYWHERE – from her radio show on RARE FM, “Hot Chocolate with Aliza Ayaz,” where she covers such diverse topics as Putin to how to chat up rugby boys (actually in retrospect they’re not that different they both have gigantic egos) to being the president and founder of UCL Society for Climate action. She is also vice-president of Paksoc, Bizsoc and Q-step Society. Somehow Aliza also finds the time to work part time at Louis Vuitton at Selfridges. But most importantly she can make “kick ass kinder cookies.” When asked by the Tab UCL why she should gain the glorious title of UCL BNOC 2018 Aliza replied “I am not really sure, but at least I’m not from KCL.”

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