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UCL have apologised after tweeting ‘dreaming of a white campus’

Some people thought they were talking about race instead of snow

UCL have apologised after sending out a tweet that alluded to ethnically cleansing their campus.

They tweeted "Dreaming a white campus?", in reference to the snowy weather while also informing students that campus would remain open during the inclement conditions.

Students branded the university as "pathetic" and "embarrassing" after they issued an apology: "we chose our words very poorly…we're sorry and we'll choose our words more carefully in the future."

UCL later clarified the tweet was inspired by the famous festive single 'White Christmas'. The tweet remains on UCL's feed.

Some social media users initially raised concerns with the wording of the original tweet.

However, UCL's follow-up tweet saw even greater backlash, with more Twitter users piling in to slam their decision to apologise.

One student saw nothing wrong with the initial tweet, and called those complaining "pillocks".

However, others insisted it must be a joke.

And others labelled those complaining as "attention seekers", "children", or "utter idiots".

Even Katie Hopkins eventually waded in, to the surprise of literally no one.

UCL haven't responded to a request for comment.