UCL Women’s Network calls protest against Student Central’s booking of alleged sex offender

The lead singer of the band Cabbage has been accused of sexual assault

The UCL Women’s Network has called a demonstration outside Student Central (formerly ULU) to protest the performance of the band Cabbage. The lead singer of Cabbage, Lee Broadbent, stands accused of sexually assaulting a young woman at their gig on 19th April 2017.

The protest will be held at 6.45pm on 5th October, just before the band is scheduled to perform, and will demand safe gigs for women, as well as an apology from both the band and Student Central. The Women’s Network also hopes to trigger a review of Student Central’s vetting and behaviour policies.

Demonstrators will also call for a pay rise for the University of London workers who are important to ensuring the safety of students attending Student Central events and who already went on strike on 27th September. Organisers of the protest expect women from universities all over London to join together to demand their rights.

This protest follows the UCL Women’s Officer publishing an open letter condemning Student Central, which is run by University of London, and Cabbage for the gig taking place.

“Performers accused of sexual assault should never be invited to any venue, but especially at a venue marketed to students during freshers week when young women are entering university,” said Justine Canady, UCL Women’s Officer. “If University of London had not closed down ULU, this would not have happened; a building called ‘Student Central’ should actually be run by students.”

“The music scene is already dominated by men,” said Ellie Holbrook, UCL student and lead singer of the band Fake Fur. “For women in music everywhere the use of Cabbage at a university show with a frontman who has an assault allegation without doubt affects not only the audience but also undermines the importance of gigs being safe for everyone, regardless of gender.”

The band have denied the claims that the frontman sexually assaulted a woman while they were supporting Kasabian.

For more information please contact [email protected] or the UCL Women’s Network Facebook page.