Bloomsbury Theatre set to reopen in November 2018

That’s still over two years away…

UCL management have said that the Bloomsbury Theatre will be reopened in November 2018.

The decision, announced last Thursday at a UCLU Activities Network meeting means that performing arts societies will have to wait just over two years before they can next perform in the venue.

The closed entrance to the Theatre

The closed entrance to the Theatre

The closure of Bloomsbury Theatre last year sparked outrage with UCLU Arts Societies penning an open letter to management after they failed to provide any alternative performance venues, being forced to use classrooms and lecture theatres for rehearsals.

For performances, societies are currently using the nearby Shaw Theatre as well as the Camden People’s Theatre, which UCL Estates then funds time for.

Pi Media, covered the meeting via Twitter

Pi Media covered the meeting via Twitter

UCLU Arts’ Officer, Matt Aldridge said the current situation has damaged the quality of student productions.

Talking to The Tab he said:

“Rehearsals are difficult, there aren’t many big rooms and there is no dedicated rehearsal space. It means there’s more of a struggle to find suitable rooms, usually meaning we just make do with totally unsuitable spaces.

“It’s a bit shit especially for freshers’ plays, they’ve just arrived at UCL and room bookings are a joke so we go round loads of tiny seminar rooms trying to rehearse and then perform in classrooms.
“It’s not a good impression, and UCL should have better provision for arts than a large classroom- I’d say it has definitely had a negative impact”.
In total Bloomsbury Theatre will be closed for just over three years, meaning one unlucky student year will have never seen a performance there.