2nd year medics triumph in the 2014 Bill Smith’s Cup

UCL’s medic freshers take on the seasoned 2nd years in the historic Bill Smith Cup.

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Conditions: grey, wet, cold. Very quintessentially British.

The mean weather reflected the RUMS Rugby freshers’ mood as they prepared to face their 2nd year superiors in the annual Bill Smiths Cup, the biggest event in the medics’ calendar.

In preparation for the big day, freshers and 2nd years alike threw all form of dignity out of the window with scenes of ball grabbing, erotic protein-shake-drinking, naked tackling and roadside pint-downing.

RUMS Rugby freshers love their protein

By 2 o’clock, the sun was still nowhere to be seen, and the game was on.

It was a freshers kick-off. The 2nd years threatened the freshers defence with their presumably superior skill. After all, year after year the 2nd years are favourites to win, although the mighty freshers of 2010 and 2011 surprised us all by beating their 2nd year opponents.

Freshers in pink attempting to win over the ruck

Possession was mostly in 2nd year hands, the ball being turned over from time to time due to fumbly fingers from both sides. After 15 minutes of play, the 2nd years scored from the wing.

Play was paused for the conversion and players were hydrated with plenty of port. Some tried to refuse, but of course the spirit of the day calls for much port-downing, and senior players made it their duty to ensure the spirit lived on.

Port? Yes please.

The rest of the game saw a 2nd year getting sin binned in the 2nd half, heartening the freshers for a potential win.

The final result was 27-10 to the 2nd years. The score difference is respectable from both teams’ perspectives, and RUMSRFC President Kwame Asante commented on the ‘good spirit being maintained throughout the game’.

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