“Boobs and Syria Do Not Go Together” – Page 3 Debate Kicks Off!!!

UCLU’s first debate of the year proves explosive

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A boozy boob debate involving an ex-Apprentice star has apparently been one of the most controversial yet.


The ‘No More Page 3’ argument. Presented on a girl’s chest.


The debate, entitled “This House Would Ban Page Three,” saw Luisa Zissman, a runner-up on the popular TV show, repeatedly refer to her “giant fake boobs” in order to support her argument in opposition of the proposal.


That’s a lot of support


The reality star’s comments left her open to attack from her opposition in the debate, which included the head of the ‘No To Page 3’ campaign, who along with the audience sought to discredit the single mother’s argument.

The debate then veered wildly off topic according to the society’s Twitter page:




Which caused society office Helen Chandler-Wilde to wisely remark that “Boobs and Syria don’t mix.”


Boozy – free wine was on offer at debate.


More Tweets ensued, showing the full range of academic debate that an event about norks can cover, while simultaneously proving that the debating society might actually be quite hilarious:






The highlight of the debate was apparently when a speaker said that Page Three girls should work for free, leading audience member to scream that “No labour should go unpaid!!” Who thought debate soc could be so fun?

Society officer Helen Chandler-Wilde offered her assessment of the event to the Tab, describing the event as “really successful”, no doubt pleased as she chose the controversial debate topic herself, hoping to ignite a thought-provoking feminist discourse.

“I was genuinely delighted by the packed chamber full of an equal mix of boys and girls”, Helen told the Tab, stressing the theme of equality as she added that “people booed and applauded different speakers in equal measure”.

What with several hundred students turning up to have their say in the discourse, the feminists of Debate Society seem to be thrilled that they can ride the current “fourth wave” of feminism into the shores of more exciting and interactive debates this year. Gnarly, dude.