“There Was Pigs’ Blood Everywhere”

2nd and 3rd years reveal their most outrageous Freshers’ experiences…

Freshers' Week 2012 London Tab

 “I was invited to a house party. I barely knew anybody there, so I slowly increased my rum intake until it reached catastrophic levels. I had to get out of the main kitchen; I stumbled through the flat looking for a room to rest in. I ended up in the host’s bedroom. I threw up all over his bed, his desk and his bookshelf. Then I fell asleep. He woke me up at 3am and told me to leave” – Girl, 21, Third year

 “So I was in the Roxy. It was my first time. I’d had an entire bottle of wine in the queue and we got in at about midnight. I was blind drunk and stumbled into the arms of a girl and kissed her for ages. Then I got with a guy. We were kicked out at closing and two guys on Boris Bikes drove past. We asked them for lifts and they kindly agreed. The next day I woke up with a horrendously painful arse. It could have been worse”. Girl, 19 Second year

 “I was heading out to Koko last year and as I was walking to Euston Road, I heard and saw police sirens and ambulances. Turns out 3 people had been stabbed within 100 metres of TCR. It was the perfect introduction to Freshers”. Boy 20, Third year

 “I was sleeping in my bed. I knew nothing of the world around me as I dozed and wondered about the world. Somebody, I still don’t know who, slowly opened the door and climbed into my bed. He gently lay there, as I stayed perfectly still, pretending to still be asleep. Slowly, he slid himself back out and left, closing the door carefully behind him”. Girl, 20, Second year

 “I went home with a rugby guy from The Roxy after his initiation. It wasn’t a good idea; his floor was covered in weird stuff from their rituals, including a worrying amount of pig’s blood. So after we had sex in the filthiest room in UCL, he then spectacularly told me he had a girlfriend. Pissed off, still drunk, and probably covered in pigs blood, I decided not to stay the night. So I did the walk of shame at 4am. Luckily there was no emotional attachment, and I have vowed to never sleep with a Rugby Lad again. They’re not even good in bed”  Girl, 18, Second year

 A female fresher stripped, cornered me, pinned me to the floor, and then fell asleep on top of me on the corridor. I was released an hour or two later” Boy, 19, Second year

 “There was this absolutely gorgeous Russian postgrad in my halls. I had an unbelievable crush on him, and one day I just couldn’t hold it in any more. I stalked him after dinner and followed him to his room. I waited a while, before knocking, and saying:

“If you’ve noticed me staring at you in the dining hall, it’s not because I’m laughing at you or I think you’re weird. It’s because I’ve always wanted to talk to you but never had the chance”.

He closed the door and broke my heart” Girl, 20, Second year