The Buzz is Recruiting!

The Buzz Wants You!

UCL Buzz


Able to make words sing and dance and just generally come to life in a way that is accessible and appealing to all?

Passionate about news, views, reviews… and fashion?

Interested in writing and editing for UCL’s fastest growing student publication (which you ought to be if those first two questions were greeted with a wholehearted ‘Yes!’)?

The Buzz wants you!

The Buzz has had great success since its launch in February. We’re now looking to expand our writing pool and get as many more people involved as possible.

Next week we will be holding a series of meetings with our section editors to give an insight into the wacky, weird and wonderful world that is The Buzz. Here you will meet our current section editors to discuss content ideas and what involvement with The Buzz entails. We’re also looking for senior reporters for each section.

No experience necessary and no joining fee. Come meet our team and get involved!

We’re also interviewing for Section Editors for September 2012. A list of positions available is below. If you’re interested please email [email protected] for an application form. Interviews will take place between the Easter holidays and the end of exam term.

Section Meetings

News: Louis and Luke

2pm Tuesday 20th March at ULU (The Bar)

Sport: Tom and Mark

1 pm Thursday 22nd March at ULU (The Bar)

Features: Joe and Rosie

5:15pm Tuesday 20th March at George Fahra Café

Culture: Zehrah and Kris

3pm Monday 19th March at ULU (The Bar)

Opinion/Debate: Stuart

4.00pm Thursday 20th March at Phineas Bar

Fashion: Ally

2.30 pm Tuesday 20th March at ULU (The Bar)

Photography: Nicole


1:15 pm Friday 23rd March at ULU (The Bar)

Editoral Positions for September 2012

Sports Editor

Opinion/Debate Editor

Associate Editor

Have any questions?

Email the editors at [email protected] for more information.