UCLU Elephants in the room?

Have you seen them?

buzz Elephants UCLU

The UCLU facebook page posted one of those mysterious, leaves-you-wanting-to-know-more sites this morning. UCLU Elephants. The site, displaying a few well-drawn cut-out elephants stuck on a wall and a countdown, manages to instill at least some level of curiosity as to what’s happening in 4 days, 8 hours and 30 minutes time.

A few of these have already been spotted brightening up the walls of the cloisters and interrupting the now highly politicised UCLU election campaign posters. All we know so far is that it’s early days, but keep your eyes peeled as I’m sure these cheerful mammals will be appearing everywhere over the coming week.

UPDATE 4.25pm  A source of the The Buzz has just informed us that the Elephants have something to do with Taboo Week, which is beginning on Monday next week. Various speakers and events on a range of different 'taboo' topics will be around campus all of week. 

You had us at the elephant stickers really.