UCLU Election Candidate Pays for Facebook Ads

UCL student pays to advertise on Facebook as the 2012 UCLU Elections heat up

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UCLU election candidate Jules Leclair has taken campaigning one step further.

He is paying for Facebook Ads to promote his bid for Ethics, Environments and Operations Officer of the UCLU.

In the countdown to Friday, the ads have popped up on the Facebook pages of UCL students everywhere.

Leclair, a third year Maths boffin promises to 'give students a voice' and ‘institute theme nights’ if he were elected.

So why did the candidate decide to sell his soul to the Facebook mega business? When approached by The Buzz, Leclair told us that,

"My friends and I were discussing different means by which to reach the voting population of UCL, and the internet was discussed. We hope by advertising on the internet, we may reach an audience we may not have reached otherwise."

But is he exceeding his £100 limit set out in the candidate election rules?

When questioned by The Buzz about the cost of advertising on Facebook, Leclair assured us that “each time the add is shown on a user's Facebook page we pay roughly .004p.”

The ads are only targeting the 7740 students who list themselves themselves as current UCL students.

Leclair is not feeling “confident” about the upcoming results on Friday and hopes that the Facebook advertising will help him gain a few more votes.

In his eyes the only people who can feel confident are “Edwin Clifford-Coupe and Sahla Qualzi.”

Clifford Coupe who is running for Education and Campaigns Officer, and Sahla Quali, Education Officer, are uncontested for their election bids.

Will using the world's favourite social networking site pay off?

Find out on Friday 9th March when the results of the  UCLU Election 2012 are announced.