Varsity Update: Varsity Chants

The buzz is on hand to provide the lowdown on all the chants you will need for todays varsity

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As Varsity fast approaches and UCL students are forced to be seated in close proximity to our less evolved friends, the Buzz is on hand with how to silence those pests from the poly.

Below are a selection of chants that should distract you from that stench that is emanating from the nearest Kings supporter and help UCL rugby onto a massive victory!

‘Your dad works for my dad, doo dah, doo dah’ – To tune of All the doo-dah day

‘Whats that coming over the hill, its unemployment…unemployment’ – To tune of Automatic – Monster

‘Give me a B….B’
‘Give me a B….B’
‘Give me another B…B’
‘What have you got… Into Kings!’

‘You’ll never get a job, you’ll never get a job, sign on…sign on… you’ll never get a job’ – To tune of You'll never walk alone

‘Two Ds and a Swimming badge’ (The current requirements for acceptance to Kings medical school)

‘Feed the poly, let them know it’s Christmas time’ – To tune of Feed the world – Band Aid

‘You're just a shit polytechnic…Shit polytechnic’

‘The wheels on your house go round and round’ – To the tune of the wheels of the bus go round and round

‘If you cant spell uni, go to kings’

And finally the unofficial UCL anthem, which no UCL student should go to varsity without having memorized:

‘OHHH, I’m Burlington Bertie,
I’m short, fat and dirty,
My college portrays my high class. (high class!)
I walk down the Strand,
With my cock in my hand,
And I wave it at King’s as I pass.
Oh Bert, Bert,
I come in my shirt,
At least I go to UC . (UC!)
There’s one thing I’m sure of,
Strand Poly are wankers,
I’m Burlington Bert from UC.
That’s me! And him! And him! And him!’

Leave any inspired suggestions below.