Eight iconic moments of any Liverpool night out

If none of these things happen to you, are you even a Liverpool student?

Liverpool in our humble opinion is the UK’s best night out. If you’ve hammered it as a fresher in the past couple of weeks, or like to think of yourself as a Concert Square Connoisseur, you’ll definitely have experienced at least one of these things on your drunken conquests.

Running to Late Night, WAG1 Offy or any other corner shop you can find to stock up on booze for pres

With an abundance of people to bump into, the panicked run to the offy to get some mixer for pres has become a staple part of any Liverpool night out. Bonus points if you’ve managed to make it onto the Late Night Instagram page.

Cramming onto the last 86 bus from Smithdown

Let’s just take a moment to thank the 86 bus drivers of Liverpool; the countless requests for student-single tickets from fancy-dress clad students on an AU night must take some strength. Thank you for putting up with us (and letting us squeeze onto the last bus into town).

Descending into Concert Square

Pick your fighter: Modo, Soho, McCooley’s, Einstein… Connie Square has it all, including outdoor heaters if you’re partial to a bit of shisha.

Ruining your trainers in the Raz

Monday’s are a Liverpool favourite, because of course, it’s Raz night! The infamous student night is loved by all Liverpool students who descend to the club for a night of Fat Frogs and cheesy tunes. You’ll be having so much fun, you neglect to notice the beer and Raz Bomb residue painting your new trainers.

Stealing a few lighters in the Heebies smoking area

The best and busiest smoking area in all of Liverpool, Heebies is the best place to make some new pals for the night. Strike up a convo by asking for a lighter or some filters. Granted, it’s always fun waking up the next day to find a stray lighter from someone’s summer trip to Maga in the bottom of your bag.

Ending up in Fusion

Famously open until 6am, Fusion is perfect if you don’t fancy ending the night out at an acceptable hour or if your friends who promised to share a taxi home with you convince you to stay out “just a tiny bit longer…”

Getting your drunken takeaway fix from Nabzy’s

Nabzy’s has been graced by the likes of KSI and Amelia Dimoldenberg in the past – it really is that good. It sets the perfect backdrop for drunken squabbles over who’s booking the Uber home.

Wake up with a stinking hangover, a smashed phone and crippling hangxiety

Waking up in last nights clothes and makeup, checking your pockets to find you’ve lost both your ID and your dignity is a staple part of any Liverpool night out. Despite the beer-fear, getting to go clubbing in a city as good as Liverpool more than makes up for any mishaps that may happen along the way.