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All the stages you’ll encounter over the Christmas break, as told by any Uni of Liverpool student

From desperately counting down the hours ’til the semester is over, to longing for Liverpool’s crap wintry weather again

First semester is almost complete, and about time too! Whether you’ve been swamped with work, or have just given up on uni until after Christmas, you'e definitely looking forward to being back home, but for how long? Here is a timeline of emotions every student will defo experience during this well-earned break.

Glad to be rid of the 699

Two days before the end of semester

"46 hours, 32 minutes and 12 seconds till I go home!!!" This is how much you're anticipating being back in Birmingham. Your suitcase has been packed since Monday, you’ve emptied your cupboard and fridge of its content, and are eager for that last lecture to be over. Excited doesn't even describe it.

Day 2 of being at home

Two days in, and your mum is spoiling you; cuppas here, biscuits and snacks there, she’s even offered to do all that laundry you lugged back with you from Smithdown. She's treating you as if you've been away in China for the past three years, and not a couple of hours away on the train in Liverpool. Not like you're complaining about taking a break from adulting though.

Day 4 of being at home

It's almost the day everyone has been waiting for, Christmas Day. You're getting hungry just thinking about the delicious spread your family is putting on, but you’re really made to work for it. You’ve been forced to help put the last of the Christmas decorations up, do the big shop for Christmas dinner, and now your mum is trying to rope you into helping her on the day with the cooking, the cheek of that woman! Who does she think she is making me cook my own Christmas Dinner?! Don’t fret though, your trusty excuse of "revision" will get you out of that one.

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Your attempts at dinner don't compare to your mum's roast

Boxing Day

You’ve been home long enough to stop being treated like a guest, and are now the one making the cuppas for everyone, instead of the other way around like you clearly deserve. You’ve had enough of close family members, distant family members, Christmas and just food in general. You’re sick to the core from overeating, and sick of having to make small talk with guests your parents have invited round. And no, having to answer the same question of “have you got a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?” isn’t making you any happier.

28th December

You’ve had to get out of the house, your parents are driving you insane, you’re starting to miss your independence, private space and uni friends. Your excuse of "I have to revise" doesn’t stop them disturbing you every five minutes, and you’re slowly feeling your £9,000 slip down the drain, so why not waste that Christmas money, and the rest of your overdraft, as well…

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Even Level would be better than this

New Year’s Eve

This is when you really starting to miss Liverpool and Seel Street, with the variety of bars and clubs that aren't dominated by 40-year-old men like your hometown's efforts. Nothing beats a cheeky shot at Ca Va, or good free boogie in La'go. You even miss the 3am journey back to Smithdown, on an Arriva full of drunk and horny students. LIVERPOOL, I MISS YOU!

1st January

Your countdown to go back to uni has started. Your mum woke you up at 10am after a mere four hours of sleep, and has forced you to socialise, when all you want to do is hibernate in your bed. Never mind the fact that all of a sudden your parents have realised you have exams coming up and are nagging you to revise. Leave me alone Richard, you're worse than Rachel bragging about getting a first.

4th January

You’ve booked your train back to Lime Street – your first exam isn’t until 21st January, but you cannot stand your shitty hometown anymore. Who cares if you’ve just spent £40 on a train ticket, despite your parents being happy to drive you back in a few weeks? Your student loan will drop soon, so £40 is an investment well made.

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Miserable but you still love the Docks

7th January

Your mum has packed you the biggest bag of leftover Christmas food, chocolates and booze EVER. You would be thankful, but you now have to carry all of that, plus your laptop, backpack and suitcase on the train, and then up to Kenny. MOTHER, I HATE YOU!

9th January

Your housemates aren’t back yet but even though you miss them, it feels nice to finally be able to relax and revise in peace. And not have to fight over the TV remote. Plus, that box of Celebrations and half-full bottle of prosecco is going down nicely!

10th January

The initial state of lonely happiness has worn off. There’s still no sign of your housemates, and you’re really feeling down now.

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You're missing this amazing squad big time!!!

11th January

I WANT TO GO HOME! You miss home-cooked food, you’re feeling isolated and your comfy bed, dog and the fully-stocked fridge back home is calling you. Your housemates have just told you they won’t be back for another few days, so naturally you’re losing the plot. You’re slowly starting to hate Liverpool, thus beginning your countdown until Easter break.

All of this in the space of three weeks? If you think teenagers are emotional, wait until you see a student trying to get through Christmas break!