So, it turns out there’s a Greggs outlet store in Leeds and everything is reduced ALL the time

I know where I’m off to tomorrow

Let’s face it. You love Greggs. In fact, you love Greggs a bit too much. If you had to pick three words in the world that make you infinitely happy, all three of them would be Greggs.

You love steak bakes. Sausage, bean and cheese melts get your pulse racing. You’re tolerating vegan sausage rolls for your pathetic week-long Veganuary attempt.

Now, what if I told your favourite bakery giant just got a whole lot cheaper?

I am of course talking about the Greggs outlet store in Leeds where everything is reduced all the time.

The store, which was until now Leeds’ best kept secret, dishes out tasty bargains like two steak bakes for £1.20, or a bag of caramel shortbread offcuts for 60p, or if you’re an absolute heathen, a tuna crunch baguette for just £1.

Where can I find this temple?

Unfortunately for Hyde Park dwellers, it’s going to be a bit of a mooch to get that baked goodness, as the store is located in LS8.

But Leeds students are actually really lucky because it turns out there are fewer Greggs outlet stores in the country than there are pastry crumbs on your quarter-zip right now.

Other than the one in Leeds, there are Greggs outlets in Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Birmingham, Tipton, South Shields, Sunderland and two in Newcastle.

So, what’s the catch?

According to a Greggs employee, none of the food you can buy in a Greggs outlet store is cooked on site and it’s all prepped up the day before.

Is that going to stop you? No. There’s a reason microwaves exist, and that reason has just become apparent for all to see.

Credit: Photos from @graceholliday

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