Trans Leeds student gains 10k followers after guy fails to drag her looks on Twitter

He says he’s up for a live debate on why he’s ‘not transphobic’

Mia, a transgender first year fashion student at Leeds Beckett, has gained over 10k Twitter followers after another Twitter user posted pictures of her Tinder profile and mocked her.

The original tweet was posted by Dommy English, who lives in Durham, and had seen Mia on Tinder. He posted a series of pictures of himself looking excited at a match, a picture of Mia, and then him looking disappointed. The original tweet has 55.k likes. Since being posted, Twitter has censored it with a “sensitive content” cover.


Mia told The Tab: “I didn’t even see it first, my friend was the first one to show me it. She messaged me and was like ‘I don’t want to upset you but this has happened’. At first I felt annoyed, but this isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened to me so I’ve built a thick skin towards these sorts of things, which is quite sad that I’ve had to develop that.”

Mia noticed the tweet and retweeted, saying: “Get a fucking life you freak.” This tweet has gained over 390,000 likes in a day.

“I wasn’t going to bother interacting with the tweet at all, but then I saw it was starting to get some traction so I thought to myself ‘hold on, he’s getting attention for being a dick and I deserve some of that too.’ Before I RT’d there wasn’t much support for me in the replies at all, it was just boys from football Twitter licking his arse over transphobia, which is something they just love.

Mia went from 179 followers to 11,600 over night and gained over a thousand new followers on Insta, too. She told The Tab: “It’s honestly insane, I had to turn my phone off before I went to bed because the notifications were just keep going and going. Everything has mostly happened on Twitter but I’ve had people messaging me on Instagram giving me support which is so nice.”

She added: “I’d just like to say: Trans rights, and fuck football Twitter.”

Dommy insists he is not transphobic, and has posted a video from YouTube on his account since which outlines how not being attracted to transgender people is “not transphobic”.

People have rightly pointed out that in order to match with Mia, he’d have to have swiped right in the first place. You have to laugh.

Dommy told The Tab: “I openly mocked a woman on Twitter, that coincidentally turned out to be a transgender. It was open for interpretation. My point is people looked past the many other factors I could have been making that face for. What if it was just the fact she was from Leeds? Or that she wasn’t a goth? Maybe I was looking for goths?

“That wasn’t what I was doing though. I was deliberately trying to get a reaction from the community on Twitter to show how toxic and dangerous the community is. Have you checked the replies to see how many wishes of death I have sent to me?

“If I openly mocked a black man or woman would this conversation be happening do you think?” To which I said: yes.

Dommy then told me he wishes to hold a debate with himself, myself and Mia: “I’d be open for a live debate with yourself and Mia. Via discord or something similar. I’ll talk to you both. I just want her to know how tweeting a few pictures isn’t transphobic.”

As for Dommy’s proposed “debate”, Mia told The Tab: “I’d honestly rather eat shit than do that.”