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It’s official: Leeds is one of the best cities to live in after you graduate

Leeds is in the top five cities for student retention in the UK


A recent study has revealed that more than a third of Leeds students choose to stay in the city after they graduate, with 39 per cent of all graduates remaining in the city.

Leeds is the fifth most popular destination in the survey; Glasgow and Edinburgh both retain over half of their student population, with major cities London and Birmingham coming in third and fourth place respectively.

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According to the study conducted by student accommodation provider Liberty Living, the nightlife and welcoming atmosphere are major deciding factors for graduates.

More than 73 per cent of students surveyed, cited both reasons as key factors in their decision to stay.

Josh Leggett, 25, came to Leeds as an undergrad and now lives in Headingley, working as a teacher.

He said: “Leeds is by far the best city I’ve been too, prices aren’t too much, transport is good and there’s a lot more going on up here compared to where I’m from. There’s more to do, more places to eat, drink; even in Headingley there’s plenty going on.

I come from a small town that’s miles away from the closest city; it was always a pain going places and was a little boring, so it was a no brainier to come back up to Leeds.”

Fruity AND belgrave pizza, who would ever want to leave?

Over a third of students said that Leeds was great for postgrad career opportunities; the city’s recent rise in external investment from companies such as Channel 4, who’ve recently opened their new headquarters in Leeds, adding to the draw for graduating students.

Family proved to be the biggest influence on students when deciding where to settle after university, even more so than job opportunities – guess we can't spend too long away from home without getting our washing done for us.

It seems only the biggest legends stay in Leeds after they graduate, or maybe we just can't say goodbye to Bakery 164.