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Leeds students spent nearly £14m in Freshers’ Week, research shows

There was 63,000 new students this year

Seeming not to have discovered the joys of Aldi yet, Leeds freshers spent up to a combined £14m during the Freshers' period

According to new research conducted by Yolt, the average Leeds student parted with £227 in Freshers' Week, a hefty sum but still £56 less than the UK average – thanks Fruity, for those £2.90 double vodka cokes.

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Additional stats from Yolt reveal the average monthly budget for UK students is £418, meaning that UK students spent 67 per cent of their monthly budget on Freshers' Week alone.

This spending comes as a welcome boost to Leeds' local economy, helping to support local restaurants, bars, and other shops.

On behalf of Leeds freshers across the city, you're welcome.