We asked students from other universities what they think of Leeds and this is what they said

Ok, so maybe we aren’t all as ‘edgy’ as we thought

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Leeds. We think we’re all pretty edgy, have the best nightlife in the UK and the best takeaways as well (shoutout to Crispy's and Flames). Living in Hyde Park sometimes feels like being in an episode of Breaking Bad, with stories of break ins, stabbings and drug dealers constantly featuring on Leeds Uni Tickets. Oh, and we all have a love hate relationship with Eddy B which the majority of us end up living in during the peak of exams, despite it being rammed 24/7.

But it doesn't really matter what we all think of Leeds. The main question is what do other university students think of us?

A Portsmouth student

“Aren’t they all Southern?”

Well yes, yes we are (in fact 99 per cent of us seem to be from Kent or Surrey).

A UEA student

“They think that buying a set of DJ decks and doing ket makes them ‘musically talented’ but in reality they only ever DJ at a pre drinks and get bombarded with requests for Wonderwall – they may as well just give up on the dream”

We do all have "that mate" who is a DJ wannabe so you know what, I can’t really argue with that.

A Glasgow student

“Hyde Park seems like a horrendous place to live and after parties have nothing but nose-beers in sight but that being said, I’ve had some epic nights out in Leeds and the people are both trend setters and extremely loose. Would party again.”

Well wouldn’t everyone? Hyde Park after parties are renowned for a reason.

A Nottingham student

“Stereotypically known as one of the druggiest uni’s but also fun”

Too right, we can't deny that we know how to party up here.

East Anglia student

“It’s cool because you have a park called Hyde Park but it’s not actual Hyde Park is it?”

How right you are my friend!

Our Hyde Park has quidditch enthusiasts, tight rope walkers and Akmal’s curry house – don’t get that in London do you!?

A Glasgow student

“They do everything they can to pretend they’re from a working class background but ensure their Rolex is evident to hint that this is not the case.”

What can we say, we want the best of both worlds.

A UEA student

“Wanna be edgy kids who are all from middle class backgrounds and try to be different but just end up being the same.”

I mean, we do own either a puffa jacket, dungarees or sesh glasses…or all three!

A Loughborough student

“My initial thoughts of Leeds students are along the lines of drugs or a pressure to look and act a certain way.”

Hmm, I feel like there’s a bit of a running theme here…

A Sheffield Hallam student

“One of my flatmates friends came to stay and she was a Leeds fresher – she was annoying.”

She was a fresher babe, give her time to learn the Leeds way of living.

A UEA student

“They have the easiest life as they just swan into a lecture on their way home from a night out and still get marked as attending."

We are very good at going from a club to a lecture – Bakery 164 does wonders for a hangover!

Ok, so clearly other uni students don’t rate our style, think we’re all privileged southerners and believe our only attribute is Hyde Park (even though it’s not "the" Hyde Park). To be honest, I think they’ve got us pretty spot on.