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Leeds’ Clubbers of the Week

We’re back with a bloody bang

We’re back with a bang boys, and we're better than ever. If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing our Clubbers of the Week feature, welcome and prepare yourself. (And really sorry if you’re featured, but your political career wasn’t ever going to happen anyway so don’t worry).

We all know the feeling of waking up smelling like the bar mats from Skyrack, with hair messier than the state of post Brexit Britain and your head banging more than when you heard that “shaku on the beat as well” girl’s video. A ritual that follows is to check the Facebook page of the event to traipse through the pictures in search of your drunken mugshot.

So to spare you the stress, we’ve done it for you. Here lies a specially selected collection of the most outrageous, embarrassing, or just fucking weird snaps captured by club photographers from each clubnight in Leeds. Tag your mates, quickly scroll through to see if your boyfriend’s cheated on you, or find a cracker of your friends for ultimate group chat rinsing material.

Most boring clubbers:

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Shhhhh. Turn the music down me ears hurt and I have a 9am.

Judgemental clubber:

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"I mean, I could do that better than her to be honest."

Should have stayed at home clubber:

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Those ones where you promised you weren't going out but end up going on a three night bender on 4 hours of sleep cause you can't say no.

Spot the sicky clubber:

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The combination of Crispy's curry sauce chips and too much Tesco's own vodka at pres.

Clubbers feelin' the tunes:

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When you got a ski sesh at 8 and donuts at 11

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When you and your mate have opposing music tastes but you make it work

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A thumbs up cause the DJ actually fucking listened to my request

Best dressed clubbers:

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All the chicken heads, be quietttttt

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Classiest ladies of Leeds

Photobomber of the week:

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Blessing the photo with his multiple chins

Most off their nut:

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The new thing is saving your avo pips and bringing them to the rave

Weirdest clubbers pic of the week:

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A caricaturist in Canal Mills for Sticky Feet – how club photos back in the day were done!

Photo credits: Bobby's Disco Club Facebook page, Mission Facebook page, Pryzm Facebook page, Donuts Facebook page, Fruity Facebook page, Sticky Feet Facebook page