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We’ve made a list of the 10 most essential garms you’ll actually need to get into Leeds Uni

UCAS points are irrelevant tbh

Uni of Leeds students don't even need to tell people which uni they attend, because it's extremely apparent by their choice of attire.

Just take a glance at the flares, dirty white trainers and perhaps (if they're a fine art student) a tote bag from Canal Mills (RIP) and within a matter of seconds you can confirm that they are a fully fledged Leeds lad.

We're proud of our oh so edgy fashion sense here at Leeds – even though back in 2011 the majority of us were guilty of listening to JLS in our see through white Joni Topshop jeans and MTV tops. But we never ever mention that part, because we've deleted any evidence of our 2 year identity crisis on Instagram.

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However, as more and more people dress to impress and compete to be the edgiest fucker on campus, a small issue arises. In an attempt to be the most quirky, effortlessly dressed in the first floor of eddy b, this minimum effort, slightly homeless-esque designer style starts to become the norm and little by little you come to the harrowing realization you are in fact a basic bitch. You thought you were one of the first to get those Fila Disruptors, didn't you?

So here we have it: a top 10 countdown to the most over-worn, basic outfits on campus that will be cramming up your insta news feed.

10. Culottes

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Or similar 3 quarter length silky velvety trousers that can be worn EVERYWHERE. To bed, to lectures, on a night out and to your cousins wedding if you're that edgy. Pretty much everyone has a pair of these. They should be in those shite freshers essentials boxes you get when you move into your first year halls.

9. Leopard print flares

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Who thought leopard print would come back into fashion? Nobody, but here we are. Leopard print used to scream "I'm shamelessly tacky", but now it's common to see this cheeky number all over campus and on the arses of every girl in Beaverworks.

8. Sequin Bandeau

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After a night of wearing one of these you'll have a mild rash over your tits, but its worth it. A true advocate of free the nip movement too, very rarely is a bra required due to the elasticity of the garm. These literally go with fucking anything, so what are you doing? Go and trek to topshop for one.

7. The Notorious P.U.F.F.A

Bonus points if you talked your mum into getting you a Helly Hansen or North Face one too, it just screams "I still get pocket money". Pretty much infamous now with Leeds students, you actually will not survive winter in the north without this essential. Can also be used a duvet if you can't bring yourself to wash your bedding.

6. Fur Jumpers

Obviously faux, these remind everyone from suburban London of the sheep in the field outside grandma's house.

5. Fjikilarkrkaraven Backpack

As the lecture slides load, at least 90 of these bad boys are whipped from under the desks of Roger Stevens and slammed onto the work benches so EVERYONE notices you have one, not just any old crusty backpack. Can you even fit your laptop in it though babe x

4. Pointless sunglasses

Balanced on the end of your nose purely for aesthetical gain, these specs can be seen in the more ketty corners of Leeds.

3. Tommy Hilfiger Jumpers

The high end student loan splurge. It's sorta like designer that you can just about afford but is also equivalent to a weeks rent.

2. Teddy coats

They've got that strange, musty smell of mothballs and old wardrobes because its most likely you'll pick one of these up from a charity shop near the corn exchange. Just Febreze it, you'll be reet.

And number 1…Fila Disruptors

The absolute pinnacle of Leeds student culture. They're the new, more alternative air max 97s and are like the urban version of doc martens. If you don't own these, you're not allowed to enrol on your course here at Leeds.