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Leeds students have the chance to watch an up close post-mortem

This really is as bad as it sounds

Some people will go to Fruity for Halloween, some will dress up and have a few bevs on the Otley Run. Then, there are some people who will watch a live autopsy.

'VIVIT', which is a specially engineered corpse, will be dissected at Leeds Beckett on the 3rd November, and will offer the chance for students to watch a live, up close autopsy for themselves.

It is down to two investments from the TV show 'Dragons Den' which made this 'interactive' touring corpse possible. The event will be the closest that students can get to watching the procedure… if that type of thing is what you're into.

The corpse is the first and only of its kind in the world, and includes 'pig organs' inside the 'superficial skin' which is parallel to that of a dead body.

Though this dissection promises to be a scientifically accurate learning experience, we still think you would have more fun at Fruity.