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Meet Ketchup Kult: the Twitter account dedicated to the pro-fridge Ketchup debate

They’ve even set up a gofundme page

It's an age old argument, one which surpasses the great debates of whether God exists and if Ross and Rachel were actually on a break.

So does Ketchup belong in the fridge or not?

Twitter account, Ketchup Kult, has dedicated their time and wisdom to converting the world into a pro-fridge society. And their followers are spreading the word as well.

So what if your Ketchup lives happily in the cupboard?

Well, Ketchup Kult has been known to savagely grill people who dare to disagree.

They've even set up a page to raise awareness of the pressing issue.

Ketchup Kult intends to "travel the UK, telling people our story. We need to fund keynote speakers, event halls, teachers."

So if you feel strongly about where Ketchup should go – fridge or cupboard – then follow @KetchupKult on Twitter and join the cult.