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Leeds BNOC of the year: Winner Revealed

The news you have all been waiting for has arrived


Leeds, we asked you to vote for your BNOC 2018, and you did not disappoint. This year’s competition has been nothing short of iconic, as we have been introduced to some true Leeds royalty. From the queen of Eddy B, to the guy who was kicked out of Lupton, all of our nominees have finally got the recognition they deserve.

But, there can only be one winner, and after four rounds and a competitive final, we can now finally reveal the name of Leeds’ BNOC 2018.

And, the winner is…

Aidan Jeeves – 1st place

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Surely, it only right that the man who filled an entire bathtub full of VK takes the highest title in Leeds, as Aidan Jeeves, a second year Microbiology student aka, the ‘VK Legend’, shot to victory after claiming 60 per cent of the final score. Aidan has flirted with the VK Twitter account, has found himself on their Instagram page, and has been to Fruity more times than Eddy B. And, we cannot forget that if you mix Aidan with an orange VK and Stylus, you get the “The Iconic Trio”.

We caught up with Aidan as he received the news, and asked how it felt to be the biggest name on campus. He shared: “It feels incredible. I am overwhelmed. This isn’t just an award to me, its a new way of life. In my heart I’ve always known I’d grow up to be a BNOC but now it’s real I just feel complete”.

Aidan also took time to thank the people who voted for him, saying: “I’d like to thank all my supporters, including VK themselves who voted me. It’s unreal, I’m impressed by you Leeds, much love to you all. I’ll see you all in Stylus.”

Congratulations again to our Leeds BNOC 2018, Aidan Jeeves and to all Leeds BNOC nominee’s. And thank you, of course, to everybody who voted and made Leeds BNOC 2018 so successful.