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Leeds’ BNOC of the year 2018: the finalists

Who will you crown Hyde Park royalty?


After over 11,000 votes, three rounds and multiple dirty confessions about Leeds’ most popular students, we have our finalists. Only two BNOCs from each round could be chosen and it was a close one.

We have Leeds’ biggest party animals, the edgy of the edgy and a guy who made a name for himself by getting kicked out of Lupton. So who will it be? Get voting!

Tom Birchy, first year, Law

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A name you may recognise from Leeds Uni Tickets, Tom had some humble words following his nomination. “A genuine surprise and of course I’m excited by such good news!”. How wholesome.

Why does he reckon he’s been nominated? “It’s probably how much of a genuinely lovely person I am and nothing to do with the unremitting promotion of my events on Leeds Uni Tickets.”

Jika Edström, first year, Philosophy

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Known as the girl who “was cool and edgy, before it was cool and edgy”, Jika’s friends shared how they “lost her for a whole night at Beaver Works.” It was there where “someone reported the next day to have seen her dancing with a wall for the entirety of the night, where she was, as she described, dancing on the edge of a planet in outer space”. Jika herself was not surprised at the news of her BNOC nomination, saying “I think the fact that everyone on campus knows me is simply because girls wanna be me, guys wanna be with me. I know it sounds cliché but, in my case, it’s true, quite literally. I come from Brighton, which is obviously way cooler than Leeds, so making it big here was never going to be a challenge for me. I’m fit, I’m fashionable and I’m a vegan, what’s not to love?”

Elena Wyatt, third year, Geography

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You’ve probably heard of the infamous Pink Pussy party she held to fundraise for her volunteering trip to Nicaragua. This girl is the perfect combination of edgy, cute and charitable – but she has a shady side too.

Her friends say that amongst the Eddy B exam chaos, Elena, being the innovative girl that she is, gave floor 12 a quick scope before swiftly moving a piece of paper off a desk and setting up camp. The seat saver witnessed this and evil looks were shot back and forth. Until, the seat saver went for a break and Elena stole Little Miss Aggy’s ruler to teach her a valuable lesson about who rules Eddy B.

Aidan Jeeves, second year, Microbiology

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Meet The VK Legend – the man who filled a bath with VKs, flirted with their Twitter account and landed himself in the VK Instagram. He’s been to Fruity more times than Eddy B and brands himself as “The Iconic Trio”: Aidan, an orange VK and the sights of Stylus

He’s already crowned himself a BNOC, even though all of his mates deny it. But here he is at last, claiming his fame in round three BNOC 2018 and waiting for those votes to come rolling in.