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Nominations are now open for Leeds’ BNOC of the Year 2018

Time to crown Leeds royalty

It's time to find our BNOC of the year in Leeds. Move over Meghan, the edgiest of the edgy is coming to claim your crown. The question is, who will it be?

Last year, German student, Wilf Joules, won Biggest Name on Campus 2017 with 13, 443 votes. He was a typical lad, an idea that students strived for and, most importantly, besties with everyone from Roger Stevens cleaners to your nan.

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So get those nominations rolling in.

Who do you see in Canal Mills, Fruity, Beaverworks and Warehouse, all in the same week? Who rocks up to Eddy B at 1pm in exam season and charms their way to a seat? Who knows every rugby boy, hockey girl and American footballer? Better yet, who has slept with them all?

We want the person you can't stop gossiping about. The BNOC who passes the borders of Leeds Uni and claims their fame in Leeds Beckett as well.

Let the games commence.