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Exclusive: Canal Mills is banning glitter because of its impact on the environment

Goodbye edgy Leeds

Canal Mills is banning glitter in the hope that it will help solve the problem of plastic pollution which has a detrimental impact on the environment.

Canal Mills is known to many as the home of the glitter smothered Leeds student. Whether it's a glitter highlight, under eye ombre or, if you're truly dedicated, glitter hair, so this news will come as a shock to many

disco dresscode is v lowkey ✨

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A spokesperson for Canal Mills told The Tab: "The glitter trend has exploded, resulting in mass plastic waste causing problems to the environment.”

Thousands of students pile into Canal Mills every week, covered in glitter. Where does all that glitter go? It's spread across Canal Mills' floor, smoking area, into Ubers, and washed down drains.

A shocking 98% of non-biodegradable glitter litters our environment, contributing to the increasing threat of global warming.

Glitter makes u fitter ✨✨

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Canal Mills have said that anyone wearing glitter wont be allowed in. They told us: "People will be turned away if they are wearing glitter, we're taking this incredibly seriously."

Philosophy third year Lola Sopfri said she was outraged at the glittervention, claiming that it is at the heart of a Canal Mills night out.

“This is the beginning of the end of glitter – first comes Canal Mills, what next? Beaverworks, Church, even Fruity will end up banning it."


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Canal Mills also intends on banning plastic straws, to further reduce plastic waste. They will be following Wetherspoons in the evolution of paper straws that dissolve in your drink and don't fulfil their purpose at all. But hey, it's all to save the polar bears, right?

Glitter gals from last weekend (I still feel hungover) ✌???✨

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Check the date… Happy April Fools.