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We asked year abroad students what they miss about Leeds

They’d swap Reggaeton for SubDub anyday


Scrolling through endless pictures of friends in far flung places, it's easy to feel like you're missing out if you didn't do a year abroad.

They're sunning it up on the beach in Majorca or climbing the Grand Canyon, while you're in the dark depths of Eddy B writing your dreaded dissertation.

To make you feel better, we asked year abroad students what they missed the most about Leeds.

Billie, Psychology, Arizona

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"I miss being in Hyde Park and just bumping into people because here everything's so spread out."

Becca, French and Spanish, Majorca

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"I miss living somewhere that isn't above a brothel. The intercom is always ringing in the middle of the night and once I picked up thinking it was my friend and there was just someone breathing heavily down the phone. Another time my colleague dropped me home and was like "omg this is the famous putapiso with all the Asian girls". He's deffo paid a visit."

Connor, History and English Literature, Turin

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"The main thing I miss is the music, the reggaeton here is slowly driving me mad. It's a lot harder to find a quality night out than in Leeds, nothing really compares to SubDub. Beaverworks has a special place in my heart."

Beth, Politics, Ottawa

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"I miss proper events, like Cirque or Regression Sessions. And not wearing a coat. In Canada it gets to -20c most nights so you always have to pay for the cloakroom or you'd freeze to death."

Lily, Spanish and Social Policy, Buenos Aires

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"I miss going to Fruity and getting a shit load of orange VKs."

Liv, German and Portuguese, Porto

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“I miss takeaways being open after a night out, they all shut early here. Cooking yourself a bowl of pasta just isn’t the same, I miss the cheesy chips!!! Why do cheesy chips not exist outside the UK? Surely such culinary delights must be universal?”

Elle, Politics, South Carolina

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“POPINA'S!!! I know it’s the worst place ever but seriously could do with some greasy hash brows and a pizza right about now. I miss that scummy place so much. And Crispsy’s. It’s like the hardest part of my life coming home and not being able to get a Crispy’s because nowhere stays open.”

James, English Literature and French, Lille

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"I miss the classic Friday night house parties in Leeds. I once got invited to a party in Lille, but when we arrived we were accosted by a terrifying Scottish guy with a bottle of rum in his hand and three guys from Senegal playing PES 2007. Drunk Scottish guy says he wants to show us his favourite bar, so we thought, what could be worse than this party? We walked for an hour until we eventually reach this bar…which had swastika labels all over the front door. Home time soon followed".

Megan, English with Creative Writing, New York

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“I miss being able to wear glitter wherever and whenever I want, no other city in the world appreciates glitter as much as Leeds does! I also miss seeing all the edgy clothes and all the vintage fairs.”

Rosa, English Literature, Valencia

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“I miss going to Saino's at 4am for a four pack of Strongbow Darkfruits before going back to a party. And British supermarkets in general, their abundance of veggie sausages and falafel which they just don’t have here.”

Fern, Economics and Politics, Buenos Aires

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"Honestly, I miss Sainsbury's pesto. In Argentina it's like £8 a jar."

Phoebe, English Studies, Valencia

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"I weirdly miss Eddy B and knowing where the good places to sit are, the libraries here are kind of grim and the seats aren’t as comfy. And there's so much less motivation to go to the library when you don’t know anyone and have to take breaks alone."