A woman used the loo in my house and then attacked me in my own bathroom

Jazz Allen was viciously assaulted in her house in Hyde Park

A Leeds Uni student was brutally attacked in her own home in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

New Media second year Jazz Allen was punched and then repeatedly had her head hit against her bath by a home intruder.

The attacker had let herself into the house in Hyde Park and was using the toilet when Jazz confronted her.


Jazz said: “Before the attack me and my friends were having an amazing time at Control and Warehouse and were looking forward to finish welcoming the New Year at home.

“We got home and me and my friend were upstairs and this lady  just let herself in as my friend left the door unlocked for two minutes.

“She came upstairs and just started going to the toilet.”


Jazz received a badly bruised lip and cuts on her face

When Jazz confronted the intruder, things turned sour. Jazz explained: “I said ‘This is my house, who are you?’, to which she replied ‘That’s nice, I’m having a wee’.

“I then responded ‘Ok, please will you leave my house? – then she punched me.

“She grabbed the back of my head and started hitting it into the side of the bath.

“She had me in a headlock, hitting my head, so I couldn’t really do anything.”

Jazz says the intruder proceeded to shout abuse at her and her friends, saying: “Re-evaluate your lives”.

Some of Jazz’s injuries

The attacker then left with another man, who didn’t interact with anyone in the house.

Jazz describes the female attacker as being aged in her mid-30s, with long  dark hair, white and approx 5ft 6.

She is also said to have a slim build, and was wearing a red rain coat with a nose piercing.

Police confirmed the search for Jazz’s attacker is ongoing.