Thief responsible for student flat burglaries jailed

They were able to identify him from DNA on a cigarette butt

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A man who stole more than £800 worth of possessions from student houses has been jailed.

Dylan McPherson stole laptops and other luxury items from Park House Apartments, located in the city centre.

He was seen later the same day trying to flog the items at a city centre Cash Converters

The Heisenberg lookalike was caught after he dropped a cigarette butt on the floor of one of the bedrooms he was stealing from, which contained his DNA.

McPherson, of Fieldhouse Drive, Moortown, pleaded guilty to burglary, theft and two other offences including possession of a bladed article.

The court also heard he had 28 convictions for 75 previous offences.

He was jailed for 41 months, which also included time for threatening staff at a Marks & Spencer with a knife.