A Leeds dropout is now al-Qaeda’s poster boy in Syria

He used to be in a band called Hannah’s Got Herpes

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A former Leeds Uni linguist has become an al-Qaeda fighter in Syria.

Lucas Kinney, who studied Arabic and Middle Eastern studies, has become the star of online propaganda videos designed to encourage new recruits to sign up.

Kinney is the only known white British convert fighting in Syria.


Kinney attended Leeds University for one year before dropping out – since then he has moved to Syria and changed his name to Abu Basir al-Britani.

It is believed he was radicalised in Austria before moving to Cairo and later going to fight in Syria in 2013.

Before converting to Islam, Kinney took his holy communion at a Roman Catholic church and attended Catholic primary and secondary schools.

He originally had career aspirations of being a priest.

While at uni he played in a series of rock bands including one called “Hannah’s Got Herpes”, then went to live with his father in Vienna.

His dad, Patrick Kinney, worked on a number of blockbuster films including Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade as well as many other blockbusters.

Lucas has clearly picked up his father’s flair for the dramatic, taking a starring role in a number of al-Qaeda videos in which he denounces the Islamic State.

One clip has already drawn ridicule for the seemingly accidental inclusion of a white and green disposable toothbrush, which can be seen strapped to the front of Kinney’s tactical vest.