Leeds TV show accidentally drops the C-Bomb at 8am

It was in a ‘how to pull a lady’ segment

New local TV station Made In Leeds broke Ofcom regulations with its very first show.

In a segment of “The Launch Show”, somebody used the C-word in a segment in which they asked Leeds locals how to pull.

The progamme, complete with the offending word, was then broadcast again at the slightly pre-watershed time of 8am.

Two Leeds men were interviewed as part of the show, and one of them explained how they had a “good cop, bad cop” routine to lure in the ladies.

His mate followed up with: “Exactly. He’s the cunt and I’m nice. It works.”

A spokesman for Ofcom said: “After a thorough investigation, Ofcom found Made in Leeds breached broadcasting rules for airing the most offensive language before the watershed during its launch show.

“The channel separately breached our rules during a trailer for Clubaholic.tv. The trailer exceeded the limits for flashing images which serve to protect those affected by photosensitive epilepsy.”