These are the people our uni buildings are named after

Learn some history

Not everyone might like the fact Leeds’ new library will be named after Irvine Laidlaw, but what about the other fine buildings in our university? Who were they named after?

Did Edward Boyle pay his taxes? Was Henry Price a bloke with a penchant for grim showers infested with silverfish? Was there actually someone called Storm Jameson?

I put my actual history studies to one side to investigate (look up on Wikipedia) the people behind the bricks.

Storm Jameson

A Yorkshire-based journalist and author with a great reputation, and an even better name. She wrote a 1936 dystopian fiction about a fascist Britain, and in 1952 penned an introduction to Anne Franks diary.

A genuine good egg, so it’s a shame she’s permanently associated with the kind of people who go to Charles Morris.

Henry Price

Sir Henry was a tailor who made his living  making ‘fifty shilling suits’, allowing people of lesser means to suit up.

He’d be sick if he saw how you’re dressed today.

Edward Boyle

Despite his name being synonymous with late-night studying, the young Eddy B only managed to get a third in History from Oxford.

He might not have been top of the class, but the hotshot managed to become Vice-Chancellor of the Uni and was also, like Irvine Laidlaw, a Tory peer.

Roger Stevens

A former ambassador to Persia and Leeds VC. It was very nice for Roger to have a building named after him, but his name now forever conjours up thoughts of trudging up labyrinthine staircases and students rowing in his fountain.

Michael Sadler

OK, so a “historian, educationalist and university administrator” is probably not the first guy you want to invite over for pre-drinks, but he seemed a decent sort.

Probably the kind of guy who’s happy to let you borrow his revision notes/call you a taxi if you over-do it.

Frank Parkinson

From Guiseley, ‘Parky’ was a no-nonsense Yorkshireman who would probably despair at all the southerners streaming in and out of his building. ‘Yorkshire’s quietest millionaire’ made his money in electrics before donating loads of money to the Uni.

Marjorie and Arnold Ziff

Everyone knows that Arnie Ziff was Marge’s ex-boyfriend in The Simpsons, but he soon got over her and married another Marge.

He was a philanthropist who couldn’t finish his degree at Leeds Uni due to being called up for national service.

Crucially though, Arnold was a major sponsor of Tropical World in Roundhay Park, which is officially the best place ever.

The Edge

Despite claims it was named after the U2 guitarist, our beloved gym is of course named in honour of former WWE star Adam Copeland, better known as ‘Edge’. Gym-goers could find no better example of a physique to be inspired by.