Get Baked pranksters hack Halo Facebook page to slam Pryzm and Control

It continues

Culinary geniuses and student favourites Get Baked took full advantage of Halo’s recent closure.

Last night they used Halo’s own Facebook page to take a dig at both Pryzm and Control, who both now claim to host “Quids In”.

Get Baked’s frapes, which included references to defecating in bath tubs and their favourite singer Cher Lloyd, were hastily deleted.

Get Baked’s own page claimed responsibility for the status updates, but when we spoke to them today they declined to comment.

Since they were deleted, the page has posted the statement from former Halo owner Aaron Mellor that The Tab brought you yesterday, in an effort to “set the record straight” about who officially runs Quids In.

Fourth year engineer Michael Bennett said: “I like Get Baked a lot more now, especially because I’m a huge Cher Lloyd fan.”

Get Baked are officially opening their new restaurant ‘Get Baked presents The Joint’ this Friday at 7pm, right next door to the former nightclub.