Uni spend over two grand on Christmas trees

To be fair, they do look lovely

Leeds Uni spent £2,102.88 on Christmas trees last year, it has been revealed.

The cost covered one large and 24 small trees across campus, in a bid to give students some festive cheer before they returned home for Christmas in 2013.


This year, large trees have been installed in the Parkinson Building and outside the Social Sciences Building, the latter being a prime target for selfies.

Last year’s big expenditure has been met by and large with apathy from students, but some thought the campus Christmas decorations didn’t go far enough.

Fourth-year medic Michael Grant says: “I’m all up for a bit of Christmas spirit but if you’re going to spend a couple grand on decorations, could they at least be not shit?

“Either spend nothing at all and call it some kind of ‘environmental policy’ or; spend the full 9K of some poor fresher’s fees and lay out a decent Lapland spread with a Tupac-esque Santa hologram.”

Many didn’t share Michael’s views though.

English student Bobby Palmer said: “I love my uni, and I love trees.

“I bloody love Christmas too so all you Grinches can go back to Grinch mountain.”

Third-year Dentist Abhinay Settipalli was also not one for criticism.

He says: “It’s a fucking tree get over it”