Desperate club promoters resort to deceptive texts…again

They’ve officially run out of ideas

Cringey club promoters have once again sent a deceptive mass text to try and fill their venue.

The latest club, which we won’t bother naming, has sent out texts under the name ‘John Lewis’, in an attempt to piggyback on the popularity of the ‘Monty the Penguin’ advert.

Cultural reference! Hahahahaha!

One of the smallest clubs in Leeds, this venue appears to be really scraping the barrel after texts from nightclubs claiming to be from your mum and your doctor were sent earlier this year.

The events company and club night made no secret of their desperation, openly tweeting (begging) @TheTabLeeds to ensure they got the publicity.

Jaydip Jesani, a 5th-year dentistry student, said: “Surely it cant be that hard to fill one of the smallest venues in Leeds with one of the smallest entry fees?

“Do they really need to get that desperate with the marketing?”

In fairness to the club in question, we do generally see more people having fun in John Lewis so we can’t blame them for trying.