‘We have absolutely no idea’: Boatgate continues

The mystery goes on

Days after the controversial hijacking of a rowing boat on campus, the authorities are no closer to finding the fiends responsible.

The crime first came to the attention of Leeds students when it was posted on a little-known ‘Spotted’ page at approximately 2am on Thursday morning.

In the photo, which was apparently sent in by a passing student, the boat thieves have their backs to the camera, obscuring their identity.

We spoke to theatre soc member Katy Hill, who had donated the boat in question for a production, to update us on the fate of the unlucky prop.

She says: “Campus security rescued it from the Roger Stevens fountain late on Wednesday so it’s in safe hands now.”

Katy says the group are unsure whether the boat has been damaged as it hasn’t been returned to Stage@Leeds yet.

The Art student says: “It belongs to a friend’s dad in Kent, so it’s being returned to him next week once we get it back from security.”

This incident may be the first time in university history that a student has obtained any pleasure from the Roger Stevens building.

Meanwhile, a Spotted page admin and private investigator has vowed to help Katy track down the boat.

She says: “Daniel Evans who runs the Spotted page was really helpful and he said no one is taking responsibility for moving it from Stage@Leeds.”

So far Evans’ stellar investigatory journalism has uncovered gems such as: “He told us the guy who took the picture of the boat was just passing.”

But in a shock twist, campus security have told us nobody has claimed the boat, which still remains in their custody.

They said: “Students were seen messing around with a rowing boat. But we have no indication who the boat belongs to or where it came from.

“The boat has been left in our control room for safe keeping.”

Security are no further on to catching the thieves or ascertaining their identity, saying “we have no idea.”

The mystery continues.