Weeds University: study uses stoner students as guinea pigs

Researchers to pay students who smoke weed

Leeds students can finally earn money for doing what they always do – telling people how much weed they smoke.

Uni scientists are offering £10 for a chat with volunteers who get high regularly.

The joint study between Leeds Uni and Leeds Met researchers asks participants to to take part in a series of “simple behavioural tasks”, before being subjected to questioning on their habits.

But when The Tab asked if the study involved any actual smoking, we were disappointed.

Jason Pound, the professor behind the study, said: “Don’t worry – you will not be asked to smoke cannabis.”

Despite the financial incentive, students were left bemused by the rules of the trial, which forbids some users from smoking for 24 hours before taking part.

Caspar Veres, English third year said: “It was sounding really positive until it said you couldn’t smoke for 24 hours before. This rules out me and almost all of my mates.”

And the entire population of Hyde Park, we’re sure.