Fans left gutted after Jamie Laing’s disappointing club appearance

The Made in Chelsea star arrives late, screws up the DJ set and ditches the meet and greet session just 15 minutes in.


Celeb chump Jamie Laing snubbed fans and botched his DJ set in a disastrous appearance at Halo on Saturday.

The reality TV star and McVitie’s heir had been scheduled to host one of Halo’s closing parties last Saturday.

But hopes were dashed when Laing put in a “novice” performance behind the decks and then ditched fans after just 15 minutes of meet and greets.

His stint on the decks was so bad, Halo’s own DJ had to step in and take over, even though Jamie still had the headphones on.

The star is also notable for his great taste in student news sites

Many were excited to chat to the 25 year old entrepreneur, who, as a prominent Leeds alumnus, is well accustomed to the city’s famous nightlife and student houses.

The much publicised evening approached and The Tab arrived at Halo early – eager to be dazzled, if not by Jamie’s stunning intellect, then at least by his bleach blonde hair and notorious charm.

His Twitter implied a similar enthusiasm for the evening ahead.

But the next few hours would see many hopes and dreams dashed.

Halo was due to be Jamie’s second club appearance of the night, after telling staff he would arrive at half 10, then pushing his appearance back to midnight.

While the club slowly filled, we managed to stay busy by dabbling in DJing and knocking back a fair few free drinks in the VIP area.

The hard life of a Tab journalist

Time ticked by, as it tends to do, until even the free drinks lost their novelty. Eventually, Jamie sauntered in – its was 2am and he made it clear that he couldn’t care less about his commitments to the club or his fans.

He stuck with his entourage in VIP  before finally hitting the DJ booth and demonstrating a severe lack of talent for anything musical.

Just another Halo night…

Deceptively looking like he knew what he was doing

The Tab talked to Halo’s DJ afterwards, who confirmed what our ears had already told us. He said: “Jamie’s DJ set was so novice that the sound kept stopping because he didn’t know what to do.”

Thankfully, Jamie quickly tired of the assault on our eardrums and found some time in his busy schedule to pose with fans.

Smiling clearly proved too much for him, however, as he abruptly upped and left just 15 minutes into the meet and greet session.

Among those left hanging were Halo’s bar staff, some of whom were particularly upset. One barmaid told The Tab: “We were told that we could meet Jamie after the club closed at 3am. I finished work early and waited hours for him. I’m really disappointed.”

Many fans were also discontented, especially as some had been queuing all night to meet him.

Fans left hanging after Jamie walked out

This was not the first time that Jamie has disappointed fans regarding a Leeds club appearance, and judging by his attitude at Halo, it seems it won’t be the last.