Merrion Centre to open UK’s first indoor trampoline park

The ultimate revision break: Former Leeds cinema to hold 6,500 square foot of trampoline

The first indoor trampoline park in the UK could open in Leeds city centre sometime in the near future.

It is understood Gravity have launched a bit to convert The Merrion Centre’s former cinema into a 200-person trampoline space, complete with foam pit and 3D dodgeball.

Similar spaces have been hugely popular in the US, and Leeds students could be the first people over here to be given a spring in their step by the facility.

Not busy right now, but expect it to be bouncing soon enough

Gravity submitted an application to Leeds City Council earlier this week, but negotiations over the lease are understood to be at a very early stage.

Even when the project gets off the ground, Leeds will still have a long way to go to top Bristol turning a high street into a 300-ft water slide earlier this month.