Testing their Met-tle: Students fight University name change

Students at Leeds Met won’t ‘Beck’ down on their campaign against changing their name to Leeds Beckett University and have called for a referendum.

leeds met

Have you been wondering how Leeds’ other uni are going to manage chanting ‘Leeds Beckett’ at Varsity next year?

Students at Leeds Met feel the same, and many have been getting angry about the name change.

Maybe they’ll add capitals letters on the sign this time

The decision to become ‘Leeds Beckett University’ became official in November last year, and a Facebook group called “Save Leeds Met Uni – Don’t change the name” has attracted 4,000 likes.

But students are now pushing the University for a referendum, for which they will need to collect 750 signatures – potentially within a short timeframe.

Met students looking angry


Sadly The Tab’s suggestions of ‘Oceana Uni’ and ‘Leeds Specialist Creche’ have also fallen on deaf ears.

Students on the Facebook group have had mixed responses to the name change.

From those who hate it…

To people who have their doubts about the campaign…

To environmental concerns…

It appears unlikely that the bosses at The University, which was known as Leeds Polytechnic until 1992, will back down from the £250,000 re-branding on the basis of 4,000 Facebook likes, but campaigners won’t ‘Beck’ down.