I spent Valentine’s Day in Exeter alone and this is how it went

Don’t ask me who took these pictures

Whether you’re single or in a long-distance relationship (boo!), Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a struggle. Maybe you’re lucky and have friends to spend it with, or maybe your friends suddenly had “plans” with someone they “love” and you found yourself alone and chronically single. Maybe you thought you’d be cuffed by now but instead got ghosted out of nowhere. Maybe you had a big blowout fight with your significant other and now you’re listening to Cellophane on repeat and crying. Well, don’t fret – you’re not actually alone. There are dozens – dozens! – of us suffering, single and spending V Day solitarily. Here’s what I did on my “single and desperate to mingle” Valentine’s Day.

1. Eat out to help out

Whilst others may be eating out to help out in *different* ways, I splurged on several nice meals. On campus, I decided to get a meal deal (what a treat!) even though the prices are now extortionate – no longer a mere £3.00. I had an early day so I went for a late lunch and grabbed some delicious pizza. Yes, I may have been a weirdo eating alone, but at least I didn’t have to share. For dinner I had a cheeky Wagamama delivery. It may have been very, very spenny but the food was amazing. The vegan options that they had were to die for, especially the ribs (though a tad bit salty, like me today).

Giant Pizza and single girl smiling


2. Self-care spa day

Now I am naturally a gorgeous, gorgeous girl, but every once in a while after neglecting my health, I do suffer from a breakout. After my morning of lectures, I was exhausted so pulled out my treasure trove of masks and applied some. I had also been heavily assaulted by the rain, so I gave my hair a little TLC as well. This was accompanied by my absolute banger of a Valentine’s Day playlist in the background as I swanned around my room like a professional.

Wearing a mud mask, putting thumbs up and captionned 'Girls Night In'

Girls with bangs posing in front of a mirror with the caption 'bangin'

The transformation is uncanny.

3. Material gworl

At this point, I had already spent money on food, so I wanted to be a little less materialistic. I was *going to* put on a film but was instantly distracted by my Amazon basket and the copious amount of videos reviewing things I wanted to buy. Whilst it was a fun segue, I stuck to my guns and put on the classic that is Ten Things I Hate About You. I laughed, I cried, I even fell asleep for a good five minutes. The film was that good. What I would give to go paintballing with a hottie and be swept off my feet *swoon*. Back to being sad and single, I guess.

So true bestie.

TLC: too little care

Finally, I decided to do things that I had been putting off. Boring things like cleaning my room, sorting out my clothes, doing module readings. It was almost like a reset day: I put on some more groovy tunes and had a good deep clean to sort out my life, even making a timetable. I realised that I should embrace the love fest and spend it with the best person I know – me.