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Love Island 2018 contestant Dr Alex is an Exeter Uni graduate

Someone call a Doctor, I think I’m lovesick

Every year there's a token posh person on Love Island. There was Danielle in season 1, Dan in season 2 and who could forget the nation's sweetheart, Camilla in season 3? So what better place to come looking for this season's middle class islander than Exeter Uni?

And who did they find? Dr Alex George, an A&E doctor and Exeter grad.

I can just picture him pulling 8/10 hockey girls at Wednesday TP.

He describes his personality as an 8/10, as "No one can be a 10/10" and says he is kind, caring and likes to think of himself as funny – and this has made him one of the fan favourites already.

Originally from Carmarthen, he is currently working as an A&E doctor in London. People are rinsing him online for taking time off from his day job, with a number of memes going around the Twittersphere.

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This 27-year-old has revealed that a lot of dates he's been on end up with girls asking him for medical advice about broken toenails. I guess we shall find out soon if this Doctor mends broken hearts too.