As if Edinburgh couldn’t look more aesthetic it snowed, and your pics are 10/10

Oh to be a snowman in The Bruntsfield Links

Ah, December. The month where as well as a daily advent calendar surprise you also get an exam related daily mental breakdown surprise. The stress of exams isn’t exactly helping get you in the Christmas mood, so a sprinkling of snow helps remind you that, yes, it’s nearly Christmas! Plus, it helps that Edinburgh is the most beautiful city when it snows, so here is a stunning roundup of some very aesthetic pictures of a snowy Edi from this week!

1. You know it’s a student flat from the window bottle collection.

Via Instagram @new_lamont02

2. This actually looks like something straight out of Pinterest.

Via Instagram @annagillibrand

3. What. A. View.

Via Instagram @emma.wyles

4. Family flat pic for sure.

Via Instagram @amelia.jean_

5. This has inspired me to leave the comforts of my duvet.

Via Instagram @charlotte_frxxkl

6. Love me a snowy tenement flat roof photo.

Via Instagram @meghanrlink

7. Blue skies AND snow!

Via Instagram @mattomall3y

8. His name is Basil by the way.

Via Instagram @llprishall

9. Can Edinburgh get any more stunning??

Via Instagram @anna_cameron_x

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