30 Edi-inspired tattoo ideas to commemorate your time at uni

Time to get tattooED

If ever there was a time to get a tattoo, it would be after you’ve completed your degree at Edinburgh University.

Who cares what your nan would say, you’ve just survived four whole years living in arctic conditions and watching your youthful optimism die. Of course you should commemorate this magical time by putting a tribute to Edi on your body forever.

However, for a graduating cohort of indecisive-and-anxious-oat-milk-latte-drinkers, choosing what to get tattooed can be a really hard task.

You want something that looks cool and aesthetic, but also perfectly captures the essence of spending four years in this city. Furthermore, it can’t be so garish as to offend your new bosses at the law firm/finance company/marketing job you’re about to start at.

But don’t you worry because we’ve come up with 30 Edi-inspired tattoo designs that are just dying to make a permanent feature on your body.

I genuinely think some of these would make really cute tattoos, while others would provide you with a next level Tinder bio line. I mean, who wouldn’t swipe right on ‘I have an Appleton Tower tattoo’.

And if it turns out to be a disastrous decision, you can always get it covered up with daddy’s money.

Edi animals to get tattooed

1. Mr Spock

2. A highland cow

3. Ferret man’s ferrets

4. Greyfriars Bobby

5. The flat mouse

6. A street rat (aka a tribute to your ex)

7. Alpacas

8. A seagull stealing your chips on Portobello

9. Hero from The Dog House

10. The Victor Hugo cat

Symbols of Edinburgh

11. An Irn-Bru can

12. A deep fried Mars bar

13. Cherry blossom flowers

14. The HIVE logo

15. A Tennent’s pint

16. VK bottles

17. Civerinos pizza slice

18. The St James Quarter poo building

19. ‘Viva La Cowgate’

20. A Subway venom

Edinburgh Uni until I die

21. The Scandi Bar

22. ‘Fourth floor’ in a heart

23. Appleton Tower

24. Teviot nachos

25. The Big Cheese logo

26. A skateboard for the Bristo skaters

27. A traffic cone

28. ‘St Andrews sucks’

29. JMCC hash browns

30. ‘I ❤️ Peter Mathieson’ right across your chest

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