Here are the 12 most annoying people you’ll meet at Edinburgh

Call me a hater, but I’m not wrong

Four years at Edinburgh go by in the blink of an eye, however some days can drag on for what seems like an eternity. This is normally because you’ve encountered some of Edinburgh’s worst, who have a way of ruining even the sunniest of days.

It’s always important to try and have a positive outlook on life, but when you’re faced with Karens-in-the-making and some of the country’s twattiest boys, it can be a hard job.

Call me a hater, but you know I’m not wrong.

In an attempt to deal with my grievances, I’ve made a list of the 12 most annoying people you’ll meet during your time at Edinburgh.

Whether you admit it or not, these people definitely drive you up the wall:

1. The school children who crowd Sainsbury’s at lunch

I swear there is nothing more annoying than heading to the Quartermile Sainsbury’s at midday and finding it swarmed by teenagers.

What should be a snappy meal deal run turns into long queues and empty shelves, all because the George Heriot kids think they’re too good for school dinners.

Honestly, I hate children.

2. Noisy neighbours

I’m not even necessarily referring to those who have loud parties. In fact, I encourage you to have a wild gathering every once in a while.

But when the noise is constant and at all hours of the day, it’s just inconsiderate to your fellow building dwellers.

I’ve had to stuff my cabinet doors with fluffy socks to try and stop the loud rattling, because my upstairs neighbour has decided to turn his room into a 24-hour football pitch.

Again, during the day I don’t really care, but when it’s 11pm and my whole room is shaking like there’s an earthquake, we have an issue.

The tried and tested sock method

3. Quiet neighbours

On the flipside, quiet neighbours come with their own set of problems as they’re the ones who complain when you make noise.

All Edi students know the annoyances of living in a building with young families and working professionals who have seemingly lost the ability to have fun.

If I have to listen to little Johnny crying all bloody night, then you can deal with the occasional Taylor Swift party. It’s only fair.

4. People who don’t shut up in tutorials

We get it, you have opinions and did the readings. Go you.

Honestly, it’s great when people are engaged in a class, but when no one else can get a word in edgeways because you’re trying to make it all about yourself, it’s just annoying.

We don’t need to hear your whole backstory or about why this week’s tutorial reading is a true reflection on your life. Stop showing off and actually let us get on with the task at hand. Thank you.

5. Pollock boys

Ah Pollock boys, or, the devil disguised behind signet rings and Surrey accents.

They’re smug, rude, cocky and think they can do whatever/whoever they want. And the problem is, they kinda can.

It’s beyond annoying – it’s infuriating.

He’s loving it

6. Boys in general

But actually, anyone who’s spent any amount of time on the Edinburgh dating scene will know that it isn’t just Pollock boys who are absolute dicks.

Not to generalise, but the majority of Edinburgh boys are selfish and inconsiderate commitment-phobes, who want to have their cake and eat it too. It’s not even May yet and I’ve already received three different ‘I’m not looking for a relationship’ texts this year, despite never even asking in the first place.

In fact, I personally believe the non-Pollock variety of Edinburgh boys are sometimes even worse, as they pretend to be different and brand themselves on not being posh twats, when in actual fact they act in exactly the same way.

Seriously, get over yourselves.

7. Rude clubbers

I can’t stand people who are rude in clubs.

Just because it’s dark and the music is deafeningly loud, doesn’t mean you now have the right to push, shove, and throw drinks over people.

There’s nothing worse than some drunken idiot knocking into you and spilling the drink you just bought. Actually gets my blood boiling.

I know this might be an unpopular opinion, but I think manners are cool.

What would your mother say about your behaviour?

8. People who constantly complain about having to do work

It’s university, what did you expect?

We all like to have the odd moan about having to write an essay, but the people who make complaining about work a personality trait need to get in the bin.

It’s really baffling too, like are you expecting to receive sympathy from me? We all have deadlines and we all have classes to attend, you’re not special. If you don’t want to do uni work, don’t come to uni.

Might sound harsh but it’s the truth.

9. Cyclists who don’t slow down in The Meadows

Just slow down for God’s sake.

Crossing the path by Uplands Roast honestly gives me the fear. You never know if a bike will suddenly come hurtling towards you from any direction. And cyclists always have the audacity to look annoyed at you, when they’re the ones who seem to have no regard for human life.

Extra annoying points for cyclists who don’t stay in the bike lane. You’re actually the worst.

It’s Edinburgh, why do you need a bike anyway? Just walk.

Read the sign

10. Edifess Karens

Edifess is a great place to read funny confessions, as well as provide Edi students with a platform to share genuinely important and serious issues anonymously.

However, the people who use the group as a place to share all their silly, tiny grievances need to stop.

You’re just a Karen-in-the-making, and it’s not a vibe.

I wish I could flush you down the toilet

11. People who leave the library for hours but keep their stuff on a desk

During midterms and finals this should be a crime.

Some days it can genuinely take 30 minutes just to find a free desk, because all the empty ones actually have MacBooks and Chilly’s bottles on top of them.

I understand popping out for a quick lunch break, but if you’re gone for more than an hour, I hate you.

12. Americans

No explanation needed.

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