The free King’s shuttle bus will return next academic year

EUSA are calling it their first major win this year

The EUSA Sabbatical team have persuaded Edinburgh Uni to resume the free shuttle bus to King’s Campus in the coming academic year, after the university wanted to scrap the service in 2019.

In May 2019, Edinburgh Uni announced they wanted to cancel the King’s Buildings shuttle bus and instead give students subsidised fairs on the public Lothian Buses. However, this was not well received.

Writing in a Facebook post, EUSA Vice President of Activities and Services Réka Siró said: “I’m very excited to tell you about our first major win as a Sabbatical team this year: getting the University to commit to running the Kings Buildings shuttle bus for the 2021-22 academic year!

“While I can’t take full credit for this, given all the hard work that the rest of the team put into securing this service for our students, I’m so pleased that this point from my manifesto has been tackled.

“Not only is this an amazing win for our students, but this also leaves me with more time to focus on my next set of objectives, centring around Welcome Week and supporting our student groups throughout this chaotic time of the year!”

The shuttle bus is only for students and staff with a valid matriculation card, and runs regularly between Bristo Square and King’s Campus.

More information about the shuttle bus timetable and pick up points can be found here.

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