Edinburgh University live COVID cases has gone down to 224

It’s 100 fewer cases than last week

Edinburgh University has reported 224 live COVID cases amongst staff and students, which is decrease in number from past reports.

This update from the 12th of October shows a decrease of 100 cases since The Tab Edinburgh last reported the number of COVID cases five days ago.

The number represents the number of students and staff who currently have coronavirus as opposed to overall cases.

The University told The Tab in statement: “The figure shown on our website is not a cumulative total of all positive cases we have been made aware of amongst our staff and students.

“Once an individual has tested positive, they are required to self-isolate for 10 days, and we record and report on this webpage the number of individuals who are currently self-isolating following a positive test result.

“This number is updated daily and as positive cases recover, is adjusted accordingly.”

The University is still asking students to report both a positive COVID-19 test result and if they are self-isolating.

Students and staff can submit COVID related enquiries through this webform and can tell the University if they are self-isolating through this form.

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