These are all the different shots of Edinburgh in Netflix’s Eurovision film

Complete with Atik’s rainbow dance floor

Do you ever walk the streets of Edinburgh and think to yourself: “This city is so beautiful – it should really be the setting of Netflix’s next blockbuster film”?

Well, you were probably thrilled when you found out Rachel McAdams and Will Ferrell were spotted filming in Edinburgh less than a year ago. And their movie is finally here.

Netflix’s most recent movie, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, is the story of a musical duo from Iceland with dreams of making it big in the world’s biggest musical competition. In the film, the contest takes place in Edinburgh.

The movie makes Edinburgh look amazing. It has a full five minute montage of the characters exploring the city with gorgeous shots of everything from the castle to the fountain in Princes Street Gardens.

Here’s a rundown of all the scenic Edinburgh shooting locations the film uses.

Victoria Street

via Netflix

Victoria Street IRL

Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdam’s characters, Lars and Sigrit, arrive in Edinburgh and instantly head to Victoria Street, where they get a good look through the sun roof of their car.

Personally, I don’t know how you could possibly enjoy seeing Edinburgh sights with your head out the window of a car. Edi is windy enough as is.

The Castle

Via Netflix

The Castle IRL

Lars and Sigrit stare open-mouthed at the castle when they see it for the first time. Can you blame them? Sunny or cloudy, this is easily Edinburgh’s most impressive sight.

New Town (Albany Street)

via Netflix

Albany Street IRL via Google Earth

The hotel Lars and Sigrit stay in, the Sandston hotel, is fake. Albany Street, on the other hand, is a very real street in New Town. It’s close to Queen Street Gardens and walking distance to the National Portrait Gallery.


via Netflix

I don’t know about you, but I’m personally thrilled to see my nights wasted away to VKs and cheesy tunes in the Vinyl Room at Atik immortalised in a movie.

Let’s hope we don’t look like Lars and Sigrit when we dance.

Princes Street Gardens

via Netflix

Princes Street Gardens IRL

While Princes Street Gardens and the fountain look absolutely stunning in the movie, they don’t exactly need a lot of help. The only unrealistic part about the scene in the movie is the lack of tourists posing in front of the fountain for a nice photo.

Calton Hill

via Netflix

The view from Calton Hill IRL

I take issue with this scene because they use Segways to get up Calton Hill. Have you ever climbed Calton Hill? There are stairs. A lot of them.

Segway friendly it is not.

The Mound

via Netflix

The Mound IRL

In the climax of the movie, Lars jumps in the car of American tourists, and they rush across Edinburgh to get to the competition in time, ignoring all speed limits and traffic laws. The scene gives us a gorgeous aerial shot of New College and The Mound.

And honestly, who hasn’t feared for their life at least once while Ubering through Old Town?

The Royal Mile (Tolbooth Kirk)

via Netflix

Tolbooth Kirk IRL

Even though they’re racing through Old Town and The Royal Mile, the iconic red doors of the Tolbooth Kirk at the end of The Royal Mile stand out. Miraculously, they manage to avoid the hoards of tourists The Royal Mile is usually home to.

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