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Edinburgh Goes Dating is BACK and here’s how you can sign up

Get ready Edi, cause love is in the air


Unless you lived under a rock last year, you definitely will have heard of Edinburgh Goes Dating – The Edinburgh Tab's very own romance agency.

Well my single friends, today you're in luck because we're bringing it back and it's better than ever.

Last year over 500 students looking for love trusted The Edinburgh Tab to find them their perfect match and now we're welcoming in a new year of dreamy dates, electric chemistry and maybe the odd cringey moment. So, if you're on the market for a special someone and have lost all hope in finding them, today is your lucky day.

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Here's a quick reminder of how it all works: Based on your responses to our specialised and very scientific questionnaire, we will pair you up with a potential soulmate. We will then give you both a time and place to meet, having designed the date based on your responses. You will have no contact with or knowledge of who your date is beforehand. At the end of the date we'll ask you both how it went and whether you can see a second date on the horizon. Simple as that.

We're looking for students of all genders and sexualities, so if you fancy letting us play Cupid with your love life all you have to do is fill in this form and wait for us to get in touch.

Happy dating lovebirds!

Please note that in order to participate in Edinburgh Goes Dating you must be comfortable having your name, a photo of yourself and your post-date feedback published on The Tab. Sadly there are no exceptions to this condition.