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Fancy gin, eye drops and going home together: Here’s how the first round of Edinburgh Goes Dating went

Love is in the air


This winter, The Tab Edinburgh have decided to play cupid, matching up single Edinburgh students on blind dates based on their answers to our (100 per cent scientifically certified) dating compatibility questionnaire. With exams and final assessments looming ever closer, we want to spice up some over-worked uni lives with a little bit of romance. But how successful has our experiment been? Here's how round one of Edinburgh Goes Dating went.

Matt, third year Economics, and Ariella, third year Politics and Economics

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The two Econ students met up for the first time at 56th North for drinks. With a long list of common interests, let's see if they also shared a common attraction to each other.

So, how did the overall date go then?

Matt: I had a nice evening with some fancy gins from an entertaining waiter. There weren't really any lulls in the two hours we were there. The fact we were on the same course meant we talking a lot about that, which I guess could be seen as bad date chat, but I quite enjoyed it. I don't recall anything remotely awkward.

Ariella: I really liked the date. It was super relaxed, easy and natural. The chat was so good, it just flowed constantly, and we had loads to talk about.

Was there a spark?

Matt: I wouldn't say so, but then I also don't buy the whole rhetoric that that is always an immediate thing.

Ariella: I honestly don’t know. I think the whole pressure of chatting to someone I’ve never met before, yet had so much in common with, wasn’t necessarily filled with flirting – but I definitely think there is potential!

And now most importantly…Second date? 

Matt: If I was offered one I probably would, as I feel like I'd be guaranteed an interesting conversation at the very least.

Ariella: Yeah, if he was keen.

India, second year, Psychology, and Julio, third year, International Relations                                 

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Julio and India had fewer hobbies and interests in common than Ariella and Matt. However, with a common set of turn-ons and turn offs, we thought we'd see how the two got on together over drinks at Paradise Palms.

How did you find going on a blind date!?

India: In all honestly it was one of the most frightening experiences of my life, but I’m glad I went on it.

Julio: It was funny. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I do think it was  good first experience. I’d do it again!

Thoughts on the date?

India: I liked the date, we had interesting conversations and it was nice to get to know him. The chat was good, we didn’t have any awkward moments. Apart from when he put his eye drops in – but that was funny. 

Julio:  India is very sociable, so it was quite easy to have a chat and the conversation flowed well. However, we are quite different people. 

Is a second date on the cards? 

India: For me personally, although the chat was great and we had a good time, I don’t think there was a spark on a romantic level. I would like to get to know Julio more on a friendship level but I don’t think another romantic date will be on the cards unfortunately.

Julio: I’d leave this for her to answer again. We’re quite different people, but sure, why not?

Jason, first year, Computer Arts and Design, and Jack, third year, History

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Jason and Jack's ideal physical types complemented each other perfectly. This, combined with their similar appreciation for quality bants and humour, made the match feel pretty on point. Jason and Jack met for the first time at Paradise Palms for a very long and apparently very boozy date.

So how did you guys find going on a blind date?

Jason: I think it was very exciting (but a little nerve-wracking) not knowing who I was going to be meeting. After numerous dates on Tinder that ultimately went nowhere in the past, and upon seeing this advertised, I just thought “fuck it, might as well let someone else decide”!

Jack: Good! I’d done loads of Tinder dating in the past (and Grindr, but that’s just in a realm of its own), but never a fully blind date so I was way more nervous about this one than usual. I had to have a little drink beforehand just to take the edge off which helped, and within a few minutes of the date the nerves disappeared.

How did the date go down? 

Jason: At the very start I think it was slightly awkward, but that was more just because we had no idea what to expect – the endless drinking soon put a stop to that though. The date was really good and fun despite getting egregiously drunk.

Jack: The chat was good. At the start I could tell we were both a bit nervous, but soon the convo was flowing as well as the bubbles. Let’s just say we had enough of a spark for us to go home together. Let’s leave it at that. 

Keen for a second date?

Jason: Sure, why not eh? He’s a good laugh and a really chill, nice person. Hopefully he isn’t still too hungover though!

Jack: Yeah I would, why not!? It was fun and he’s a lovely guy.

Sarah, third year, English Literature, and Luca, fourth year, Italian and English Literature

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Like Matt and Ariella, Sarah and Luca also shared a great deal of interests and hobbies linked to their uni degrees. With books, travel and politics all being interests of the two, at the very least they would be guaranteed lots to talk about. The two met up (not quite for the first time) at the Black Ivy for drinks.

Did you enjoy the date?

Sarah: It was really fun. We had a lot in common including similar degrees, so there was lots of interesting stuff to talk about. The only awkward/funny moment was when we realised we’d coincidentally met before!

Luca: The conversation was really easy, really fluid, and we seemed to have a lot of things in common. She seems like a very interesting girl.

Was there a spark?

Sarah: Potentially – it’s a bit hard to tell on the first date.

Luca: I think so – or I hope so, at least.

So, how about a second date?

Sarah: If he asked me I’d say yes.

Luca: Yeah!

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